Verde Condo

“Sophisticated Comfort”
Well within reach of Bangkok prime area, Sukhumvit 49/15

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True luxury is

A sanctuary of comfort and privacy

A perfect quality of living in an exquisite setting in the heart of an urban area

True luxury is...

To live in tranquility...

A perfect setting to unwind from a stressful everyday life and indulge in a quality time spent with loved ones.

Find yourself a perfect balance between the excitement of city life, the warmth and the comfort at Verde

True luxury is...

Freedom to design your own space and time

Select Room Type

Type A

76.37 - 92.24 Sq. m.

Type B

62.12 - 78.01 Sq. m.

Type C

47.66 -57.04 Sq. m.

Type D

45.35 Sq. m.

Type E

76.37 - 92.24 Sq. m.

Type F

93.98 Sq. m.

Living a luxurious life

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Ideal luxury living & lifestyle

Tailored with meticulous attention to every detail

  • Bedroom, living room floor with Engineering wood
  • Entrance and Kitchen area with homogeneous tile
  • Bathroom, Kitchen and wet area with homogeneous tiles

All specifications are subjected to change or replaced with equivalent items without prior notice.


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